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Imperial Industrial Minerals Company is one of the most prominent names in the domain of providing API Grade Hematite Powder, Barite Powder and other quality Industrial Minerals. We stand amid the leading Manufacturer / Exporter in the industry. We cater to the ever-evolving demands of the customers by offering Quality Minerals.

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Mica - Fine / Medium / Coarse


Mica - Fine / Medium / Coarse


Imperial Industrial Minerals Company and at its production Facility in India manufactures t one of the most Popular Loss Circulation Material for the Oilfield Industry chemically Known as MICA


Product Description


  •  MICA is a plugging material that can be used in water and oil based systems. It is available in three sizes: fine, medium and coarse.



  •  MICA is used as lost circulation material in water and oil based systems. mica finds other application in paints, plastics, welding electrodes, wall board joint compounds, etc

    A ). Coarse Mica Flakes: Plus 6 mesh, having a bulk density of 0.17kg/ltr.
    B ). Medium coarse mica flakes: Plus 10 mesh having a bulk density of 0.18kg/ltr.
    C ). Fine Mica flakes: Plus 20 mesh having a bulk density of 0.20 kg/ltr.


Packing: It depends up to the customer. Generally it’s packed in HDP, jute or paper bag of 25 kg 50kgs.
Delivery: Full container load of 20 ton – 1 X 20 FT