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Imperial Industrial Minerals Company (IIMCO) has a reputation of being one of the leading processer and exporter of oil field minerals and drilling fluids / additives out of India and the preferred supplier for most drilling contractors and service companies worldwide.

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Rheology Modifier


Rheology Modifier


Rheology Modifier– IIMCO RM 2600 is a highly efficient viscosifier used to improve rheological and suspension characteristics of invert emulsion fluids. It is primarily a blend of Dimer & Trimer fatty acids along with Tall Oil Fatty Acid and mineral oil. Its can help to increase low shear rheological properties which improve cuttings transport, particularly in a highly deviated and horizontal wellbores. The product can be used in a wide range of oil/water ratios, and is suitable for use beyond 400°F (204°C).


Standard packing is 55 Gal ( 208 liter ) HDPE drum. Technical data sheet and MSDS is available upon on request.